“Educating the head without educating the heart is no education at all”


Success as a firm means more than winning cases and disputes. It means supporting a wider community.

We are a stronger, better society thanks to non-profits and immigrants in the Pacific Northwest.

Our clients are as earnest and hard-working as we are, and like us, their dreams include visions of a stronger, better community. Their idea of success includes empowering others–friends, family, neighbors, and even perfect strangers. We all benefit from the work of nonprofits and community advocates, and we at Choi Capital Law make supporting their work a central part of our firm’s culture.

Our communities are also made stronger by the inclusion of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. (Our own team is an example of this.) In our experience, peoples immigrating to the United States work harder than just about anyone else we know. They bring new ideas, generosity, and vitality to our region.

Choi Capital Law is also proud to devote a portion of our time and resources to serving select groups and individuals pro bono.


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