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We work to ensure that the law protects your business and those who depend on it.

Rely On Our Expertise To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our client businesses are early-stage and mature companies in a wide range of industries and regions, but they have a few things in common. They all have ambitions to be leaders in their field. They are savvy about the opportunities and risks that they take. And they trust Choi Capital Law to help them through the most intricate matters, from corporate formation to mergers and acquisitions.

One doesn’t need an attorney for every step of running a business, but it can make all the difference when making key decisions. We assist closely held companies with strategic and succession planning. We work with public enterprises on corporate governance issues and compliance. Choi Capital Law is devoted to the long-term success of our clients at every stage and every situation.

Business Law Specialties

Purchase & Sale

The Purchase & Sale Agreements we create with clients protect their interests and give them confidence in their transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We lead clients through the many facets of negotiated mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and valuations.

Due Diligence

Our attorneys’ rigorous research guarantees that clients make the most informed decisions and strategies that they can.

Financing & Investment

We are experienced in venture capital and international private equity transactions in many industries, especially renewable energy.

Corporate Formation

We help entrepreneurs lay the foundations for a growing business and develop creative strategies that prepare them for success.

Licensing & Compliance

We guide entrepreneurs through the licensing and regulatory process and help mature companies keep up with changing regulations and demands.

Employment & Personnel

We provide individualized services to employees and employers who face employment law issues.

Negotiation & Strategy

Our attorneys are sharp strategists who know how to maximize your leverage while strengthening your business relationships.

Employment Counseling

Employers trust Choi Capital Law to advise them on best practices to minimize risk and ensure compliance with increasingly complicated state and federal statutes, regulations and court decisions. We offer practical, personal solutions to problems in the workplace, for employers and employees alike, so they can get back to running the business, focusing on their careers, or making the next move.

If litigation can’t be avoided, experienced counsel is critical. Learn more about Employment Litigation.

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