At Choi Capital Law, we provide the latest and most effective immigration strategies and solutions to our clients.

We represent businesses, individuals and families, in the U.S. and abroad, who are undergoing the U.S. immigration process. We secure all types of non-immigrant and immigrant visas as well as labor certifications, preference status leading to permanent residence, citizenship and asylum.

We know that immigration laws can be difficult to understand and the administrative process can be confusing. Our firm takes each case seriously and provides individualized attention for each of our clients. Our multilingual staff is prepared and happy to ease your immigration issues.

Temporary Visas (Non-Immigration Visas)

  • B1/B2 Visitor’s Visas
  • E1/E2 Treaty Trader and Investor Visas
  • F1/M1 Student Visas
  • H1B Specialty Occupation (Professionals) Visas
  • J1/Q1 Exchange Visitor Visas
  • K1 Fiancée Visas
  • L1 Intracompany Transfer Visas
  • O1 Extraordinary Ability Worker Visas
  • P1 Artists and Athletes Visas
  • R1 Religious Worker Visas
  • TN Status Under the North American Free Trade Agreement
  • A Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials (State Department)
  • C Transit Visas (State Department)
  • D1 Crewmen Visas
  • I Foreign Journalist
  • J1 Exchange Visitors (and Waivers)
  • K3/K4 Nonimmigrant Visas (USCIS)
  • S Witness and Informants
  • U Visas for Crime Victims

Permanent Residency Visas (Immigration Visas)

  • Family Sponsored Immigration
    • Through Marriage
    • Through Relatives
    • Adoption
  • Employment Sponsored Immigration
    • EB1 Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers and Multinational Executives and Managers
    • EB2 Workers with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability in the Sciences, Arts or Business
    • EB3 Skilled Workers and Professionals
    • EB4 Special Immigrant Visas for Religious Workers
  • Investment Based Immigration
    • EB5 Investor/ Employment Creation Visas
  • Refugee and Asylum
    • Political Opinion
    • Religion
    • Race
    • Nationality
    • Membership in a Particular Social Group
  • Green Card Lottery
    • DV1 Visas

Other Areas

  • Naturalization Applications
  • Deportation and Exclusion Matters
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Child Status Protection Act
  • 234i
  • Permanent Residence in the U.S. through Employment (PERM)
  • IRCA and I-9 Compliance for U.S. Employers
  • Consulting on the Impact of Immigration Law on Mergers, Acquisitions and other business Transactions
  • Visa Waiver Program (CBP)
  • Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)
  • Humanitarian Parole
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