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Protecting intellectual property from abuse in a global economy is more important and more technically demanding than ever.

We provide our clients with expert advice and the skills to protect and leverage their intellectual assets.

Intellectual property law is infamously complex. Across international jurisdictions and countless ways of doing business, how can those who are creating and acquiring intellectual property keep up? For entrepreneurs and those developing new properties, how does one decide the best approach among trade secrets and patents? What strategies lay a foundation for success that won’t require costly forms of enforcement and litigation? Wasn’t inventing the product supposed to be the hard part?

The strength of a company’s intellectual property and the value of that company are directly related, and under constant scrutiny in the global marketplace.

The strength, scope and enforceability of Intellectual Property are all part of its current and potential value over time. You need rigorous research, counsel, and risk- and value-based discovery to properly evaluate patents, trade marks, copyrights and trade secrets.

We can help.

Choi Capital Law reviews IP portfolios for buyers and sellers in business transactions, whether it is a large business undergoing a merger or acquisition, a start-up seeking investment, or an investor evaluating potential projects. We carefully evaluate licensing agreements, patent applications, trademark registrations, and copyrights to maximize our clients stake in transactions and avoid complications. We also advise clients on issues of patent validity and infringement, assess the risks of litigation and develop strategies to avoid it.

IP Specialties

IP Due Diligence

Every IP due-diligence inquiry requires an individualized approach, and we use our industry expertise to identify potential problems and opportunities in deals large and small.


We develop licensing strategies, evaluating with clients the merits of exclusive vs. nonexclusive licenses, the creation of derivative works by licensees, the revocation of copyright assignments, and what supports a claim to an implied license.


Each patent that we draft and prosecute is developed according to our client’s business goals, whether they want the broadest protection available or seek a quick resolution to a violation.


Protecting the privacy of personal information is essential to preserving the integrity of a company, its assets, and its customer data. We help create policy that protects your brand and improves operations.

Portfolio Management

Our thorough analyses and strategic approach to IP management allow us to grow, maximize and protect client portfolios in a way that is integrated with broader business goals.

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